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black sea yachts
We have been building yachts and service vessels since 1991
The Black Sea Yachts shipyard combining the age-old traditions of shipbuilding and a European approach to the level of quality and reliability of the yachts produced. The cradle of the brand was the city, founded as a shipyard in 1787 and educated many generations of yachtsmen and shipbuilding professionals.

Black Sea Yachts yachts are built from steel and aluminum under class A, the navigation area is unlimited. The whole process - from the design stage to the launching of yachts into the water is controlled by the European classification society, which is chosen by the client.

One of the features of the shipyard is the construction of both motor yachts and sailing. Our own design office with a team of experienced marine engineers gives you the opportunity to create yachts of excellent seaworthiness, quality and reliability.

The Black Sea Yachts shipyard offers its customers custom and semi-custom yachts, which, despite their small size of up to 40 meters, are not inferior in terms of saturation, high technology and finish to large superyachs from world manufacturers.
History of Black Sea Yachts shipyard
Our family has been building yachts and service vessels since 1991
In 1991, Aleksandr Sagaydakov created the company "Mayim"
The company was established to build sailing and motor yachts of steel and aluminum. Almost immediately, the first contract was received for the construction of 6 motor yachts on an original aluminum project for a customer from Yugoslavia.
By 1994, a series of 6 sailing yachts with steel hulls designed by the Antares 49 project was launched.
The project and execution were very successful. Each yacht has its own interesting history, but in all difficult situations these yachts showed their best side. In 1994, the first yacht was launched and every six months - the next.
In 1997, a two-masted sailing yacht "Tamara" 17 meters long was built
In 1998, A.Sagaydakov was invited to create and head the state enterprise "Nikolaev State Center for Small Tonnage Shipbuilding"
Later, the company was reorganized and received the name "Nikolaev low-tonnage shipyard." And then, for the first time in Ukraine, the first steel motor yachts were designed and built (project Rest 163). The yachts were very similar to the Dutch projects and were distinguished by excellent seaworthiness. The series was successfully completed, again, from 6 yachts.
In 2002, for the first time in the CIS, the first high-speed motor yacht AMG 19 meters long was built (project Best 19)
In 2003, the steel motor yacht "Mriya" with a length of 24 meters was designed and built
In 2005, 3 hydrographic vessels were commissioned and built by order of the Ministry of Transport.
The Black Sea Yachts shipyard is geographically located in the same place where the Nikolaev low-tonnage shipyard used to be, and continues to build steel and aluminum yachts, both sailing and motor.
Also in 2006, the Sonata sailing yacht was built 20 meters long.
In 2007 - steel sailing yacht "Red Star" with a length of 20 m by the project BSY 200S
In 2008, construction began on two sailing yachts and one motor yacht.
In 2010, the motor yacht with a length of 17 m "Magic Light" was launched, the project BSY 57
In 2012 the construction of a displacement motor yacht with a length of 24 meters BSY 80 "ARSI" was completed
In 2013, the new 25 meter motor yacht "Falcon" set off for its first voyage.
In 2014 - steel sailing yacht "S" with a length of 20.6 meters (BSY 67) was built and launched.
In 2015, the construction was completed and the 30-meter motor yacht with an aluminum alloy hull was launched - BSY 98
In 2015, the construction of a motor yacht with a length of 27 meters - BSY 90 was also launched. The descent took place in 2016
В 2017 году построена парусная яхта по проекту BSY 575. Длина яхты составляет 17,4 метра. Традиционно для всех яхт, построенных на верфи - корпус выполнен из стали, а надстройка из алюминия.
In 2017, two special high-speed diving and rescue vessels were built and transferred to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine
In 2018, the shipyard built a high-speed patrol boat. At the test speed was shown over 45 knots.