Sale of sailing yachts of the ocean class BSY 67 "S"

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Sailing yacht of the ocean class BSY 67 "S" is a sample of a perfectly balanced, ultra-reliable luxury yacht, on which you can make long trips with a minimum crew.

The yacht project was certified by the Italian RINA. The steel case, aluminum superstructure, ease of operation and extreme comfort were formed by the shipyard team to obtain the ideal yacht for travel.

Gently beige Italian leather and hand-spaced American walnut make it easy to feel the style and luxury of this yacht. The high, almost panoramic, glazing gives an excellent view and the opportunity not to miss any beautiful view around.

Over the past two years, this yacht was a member of the prestigious yachting boat show, exhibited in European yacht showrooms, served as a model for test drives. After numerous tests, various improvements were made on the yacht, which undoubtedly makes this ship one of the best luxury and elegant yachts for travel and happy rest.

The cost of this yacht is able to surprise you. At the same time you will become the first owner of this beautiful yacht, which will please you and your loved ones for many years.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Unlimited navigation area</span><br>
Unlimited navigation area
The yacht was designed and constructed under the international category A. Robust steel housing,redundant control, convenience of management.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Certificate of RINA Italian classification societies</span><br>
Certificate of RINA Italian classification societies
The yacht is certified by one of world's classification societies, which certainly speaks about the level ofquality and reliability.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Luxury salon</span><br>
Luxury salon
The furniture is handmade from polished American walnut and Italian beige leather create a wonderfulatmosphere of comfort
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Internal control</span><br>
Internal control
Duplicate post control allows you to monitor the situation and adjust the course autopilot directly fromthe salon
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Marine touch displays</span><br>
Marine touch displays
Experienced sailors who participated in the design of a yacht helped to consider many details to makeyour stay more comfortable
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Ease of management</span><br>
Ease of management
The yacht was designed with the condition of ease and comfort and control with a minimum number ofcrew. That this should be the yacht for travel - convenient and comfortable for you.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Electric winches Antal</span><br>
Electric winches Antal
Installed electric winches allow you to drive the yacht easily just by one person
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Spacious teak deck</span><br>
Spacious teak deck
Spend the time surrounded by your loved ones, enjoying a lovely sunny vacation on board of this yacht.

Lenght, m - 20,6 

Beam, m - 5,8

Draft, m - 2,9 

Displacement, ton - 41,0 

Fuel capacity, m3 - 1,0 

Water capacity, m3 - 1,5 

Cruising Speed, knots - 9,0

Range, nm - 1000,0 

Engines, hp - 1х215 Perkins M215 

Generator, kW - 1x18 Fischer Panda 

Thrusters - Vetus 

Material - steel/aluminium 

Category navigation - A

67ft Luxury cruise steel sailing yacht BSY 67

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Interior of BSY 67 "S" has atmosphere of expanse and coziness. With the help of tender-beige Italian skin and hand-polished American nut you will easily feel style and luxury of this yacht.

High, almost panoramic windows give you beautiful visibility and you will not miss any beautiful view around.

Height of overheads is more than two meters, which allows feeling of freedom and expanse to all the guests without exception.

Interior location, which is carefully designed by professionals, smartly uses space inside the yacht. Three big cabins for an owner and his guest and single cabin for master, zone separation of expanse mess room and cook-galley - everything in this yacht is intended to give you feeling of comfort and coziness. Cabin of owner is located at the nose part of yacht. Cabin has full size double bed, sofa for rest, walk-in closet, TV-set. Also at nose part there is latrine with expanse douche cabin, wash-up sink and electric water-close. As cabin is located near to mast, the master may forget about possible motion. In the central part there is expanse mess room with comfortable sofas and table. Cook-galley is separated by decorative desk and is located little bit lower, that creates feeling of comfort and coziness to people, having rest in the mess room.

Also there is backup command post in the central part. Survey windows give perfect visibility. Indications of all systems are displayed on the screen. Yachting in bad weather can be carried out with the help of automatic pilot system, correcting the course by special key buttons. In the aft part there are two identical cabins for guests with full-size beds. Also each cabin has its own separate expanse water-closet with wash-up sink, douche and electric water-closet.Single cabin for master is located near aft cabins, as well as separate water-closet for guests.


Technical details and equipment:

Full length is 20,64 m, width maximum - 5.85 m, displacement - 41 ton. 

Supervision of construction was carried out by the Italian Office "RINA" and the yacht has the CE certificate. RINA Inspectors noted that the level of work on the yacht corresponds to the best yacht shipyards in Germany and Holland. 

Yacht is finished to putty putty "International". Painted with one of the best "AWLGrip" paint in the yachting world. 

The case is isolated German polyurethane insulation, designed for temperatures ranging from -20 to +50. 

Initially the boat was designed to be able to travel around the world with a minimum of crew. Two people enough for mooring and boat control can one person in any weather conditions. To do this, the yacht has three control station: two on the upper deck and one in the cabin of the yacht. 

On the upper deck on the starboard side is the main control station. It is located:
- motor control (Perkins, 215 hp).
- Control a powerful bow thruster.
- Remote control anchor winch anchor chain digital counter, and display images with the camcorder bow anchor chain on the situation, allowing the helmsman to give away or to select an anchor, without resorting to outside help.
- Electric winch controls. Beside each winch has its control buttons and on the remote withdrawn outrigger to the steering directly from the wheel could pick up the sail on your own.
- A Raymarine large display, which displays maps for GPS navigation, data from radar and video cameras.
- Displays wind direction
- Display log and echosounder
- autopilot display
- remote control radio
- foghorn with a loudspeaker function
- Lighting control keys on the main deck. 

While serving as the port control, a large display of GPS and radar displays log and sounder, wind direction indicator, autopilot, electric winches buttons and controls two electric spins jib. 

Steering - a patented system stiring Jeff: through special aluminum rod is transmitted to the rotation of the wheel mechanical gearbox, which turns the rudder stock rudder or the electric motor is controlled by an autopilot. 

The upper deck is covered with Burmese teak. 

The superstructure is made of aluminum alloy and has substantially panoramic glazing. Despite the big height glass - it is completely safe, as the tempered glass has a thickness of 19 mm, and can withstand a greater load. 

The cockpit has sofas and two tables, which may be decomposed into a great one. 

Also in the stern of an Italian automatically retractable gangway. 

The mast is made of alloy AMg. Grotto up the rail with runners Antal Italian company with the help of electrical winches. The boom is made by the type of Park Avenue with cover and wound up system "Lazy Jack" All units and pogonki - Company Antal. 

Trim - Italian beige leather and hand raspolirovanny American walnut. 

All bulkheads are made of sandwich panels production of Italian company Belotti. 

All LED lighting. 

Tanks are made of stainless steel. 

Of significant marine equipment should be named:
Engine Perkins Sabre, 215 hp power,  
diesel generator Fisher Panda, 15kW,  
desalination plant that produces 150 liters of fresh water per hour,  
Bow thruster,  
satellite communications and the Internet,  
Inverter 2 kW,
Complete navigation equipment,
system climate control,  
Diesel heater,
three sectional refrigerator 220/24 B  
Yacht electric stove and oven.

A decent choice

A beautiful boat with many advantages