Looking for construction of custom yachts?

You want to become the Owner of a new yacht, but none of the existing projects completely meets your requirements and desires? Having assembled a team of experienced marine engineers and designers, the Black Sea Yachts shipyard professionally performs the tasks of designing and building motor and sailing yachts of steel and aluminum up to 45 meters long.You can:


Select one of the existing projects

Which will be customized individually for your requirements and desires

Buy the project from any western marine architect

Some of our yachts were designed by the Dutch design bureaus

Just tell us about the yacht that you like

We will create a project that will embody your idea and fully meet your desires.
It is important to know: 

All works: from the initial design stage to launching the yacht to the water pass under the supervision of the Italian classification society RINA, which certifies each stage of work. All equipment and materials are certified in accordance with European standards.