Black Sea Yachts
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Black sea yachts
Motor yachts for travel. Design and construction
All of what you dreamed can be realized. Traveling begins with the first step.

Construction of motor yachts

from steel and aluminum
Undoubtedly, when choosing a motor yacht, it would be most appropriate to choose the construction of a motor yacht to order. Despite the fact that this way is longer than the choice of a finished serial yacht, the advantages of making a motor yacht individually for you are obvious.

Ability to choose equipment, interior layout, choice of materials of finishing, the ability to monitor the construction and be confident in the quality and safety of the new vessel.

All Black Sea Yachts motor yachts are still at the design stage being approved by Italian RINA, for compliance with European safety and reliability requirements.
All installed equipment - only the best yacht brands. RINA inspectors carefully monitor the construction of each motor yacht and at the end each Owner receives a certificate confirming the class and quality.

The Black Sea Yachts shipyard builds class A motor yachts made of steel and aluminum and offers you the projects of displacement yachts, ocean and sea motor yachts, expedition-grade yachts, as well as cruise yachts for excellent leisure and travel.