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Motor yacht BSY 100

Your opportunity to make wonderful trips
Motor yacht BSY 100
BSY 100 is a new project of a steel displacement motor yacht of an unlimited navigation area. Combining the reliability of expeditionary yachts with the comfort and luxury of superyachts, BSY 100 can be a real discovery for people looking for the perfect boat for traveling and relaxing.
Embodying the concept of superyachts with the reliability of steel explorers, this displacing ocean-going yacht will be a worthy discovery for people who are interested in a super-reliable luxury yacht for traveling.
The elongated silhouette and rounded lines of the steel hull with a sharply defined superstructure made of aluminum create a complete image of a luxurious vessel.
Inclined glazing, in addition to increasing the internal volume, makes the boat proportional and elegant.
Large flybridge will give the opportunity to enjoy the indescribable sensations of travel and unity with the air and water elements.
Large soft sofas and chaise lounges, at your request, a grill and bar, a place for relaxing by a large company and an additional control station. Absolutely everything is provided for your perfect holiday.
A stern platform will be convenient for swimming, and for lovers to enjoy scuba diving.
The unlimited navigation area, the luxury of super yachts and the ease of yacht management is the foundation from which to start every project.
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Excellent yacht that can give you a lot of wonderful and memorable moments of your travels.