Feedback from the owner about sailing yacht BSY 575 S "Zinona"

The Zinona yacht crossed the Black Sea. Sailing yacht cruise yacht Zinona after the end of the cycle of sea trials in terms of coastal navigation left the territorial waters of Ukraine and made the first transition in the open sea. It is noteworthy that the basis of the crew was the owner's family, who kindly shared his impressions of the ship after the crossing.

"Zinona was designed and built taking into account the wishes we have accumulated with my wife for several years of marine practice. For us it was critical to get the most comfortable and comfortable family cruiser, able to be managed by one person in any conditions with a high degree of autonomy and maximum security measures. The transition confirmed the correctness of all basic engineering solutions. Zinona was quite a salable vehicle with excellent handling and excellent germination on the wave. With a moderate strength of 12-16 knots, it was possible to maintain only under sail a course up to 9 knots, part of the way in the open sea the boat passed only under sail. Under the engine, the cruising speed was 7.4 knots - slightly less than immediately after the descent (then the boat went 8 smoothly), but it is understandable given the moderate (thanks to the system of ultrasonic counteraction) fouling and congestion. At the same time, the design combination of the body / engine / propeller reported excellent fuel efficiency - the measurements at the transition say the actual fuel consumption of approx. 7 liters per hour by cruising. With an aggregate capacity of fuel tanks above two cubic meters, fuel autonomy is over 2,000 nautical miles! And this is without taking into account the sails. Undoubtedly, from this point of view Zinona is quite suitable for any transoceanic transition.

The course only under sails allowed to practically measure the power output of the boat. Having on board service batteries with a capacity of 750 Ampere hours in 24 volt version, for about a day of running without generating Zinona showed a residual charge of batteries in 86% - undoubtedly, we can safely talk about a minimum of three-day energy autonomy with all major consumers - navigation, autopilot, refrigerator, winch, latrine - very uncommon result! Separate words deserve the comfort of carrying watches. Highly located central cockpit provided comfort to the watchman and uncompromising visibility by 360 °. This was especially useful for the passage of the Bosphorus, fishermen swarming with boats and scurrying ferries across a narrow strait. Much of the way, especially at night and bad weather, control was conducted from an internal post - it turned out to be very convenient and practical. And in general, the idea of ​​an uplifted salon fully justified itself: any crew member in the cabin observes the horizon in the sector about 240 degrees along the way, the sea surface is located at a distance and does not cause psychological discomfort.

On the Zinona's lag is 578 nautical miles, the line of its route, passing under the three bridges of the Bosphorus, on the map so far rests against one of the marines of Istanbul, where it nicely diversifies the emerald bogus corps with rows of massive boats. In the winter, scheduled services for the engine and generator are ahead of her, and then, as planned, in new campaigns, towards new impressions and adventures! "

The staff of the shipyard thanks the Owner with a feeling of sincere gratitude for the excellent response. We wish you a wonderful journey and new wonderful discoveries. Seven feet to you under the keel!