Sailing yachts

BSY 575S. Length - 17.4 meters<br>
BSY 575S. Length - 17.4 meters
This relatively small sailing yacht will be the perfect decision for true amateurs of sailing travels and leisure. This yacht is easily driven by one person that will feel comfortable in any situation.
BSY 67S. Length - 20.6 meters<br>
BSY 67S. Length - 20.6 meters
Luxurious teak deck attracts promising a wonderful holiday and relaxation. This yacht was specially designed so that one person can drive it. A wonderful choice for people liking to relax in the company of friends and relatives.
BSY 72S. Length - 22.3 meters<br>
BSY 72S. Length - 22.3 meters
You need to live, relax and travel with comfort and pleasure. It is not necessary to have the ability to speak for this yacht – this yacht gives to understand by this appearance that it will be a beautiful solution for a family holiday in the company of good friends.
BSY 785S. Length - 23.8 meters<br>
BSY 785S. Length - 23.8 meters
Cruise sailing yacht for complete freedom of your holiday. A robust steel case, an aluminum superstructure, a hard roof protecting you from the sun or weather. Spacious and extremely comfortable.