Want to buy a yacht?

When there is an idea of your own yacht.

Achieving a certain level of well-being and status, people try to spend their holidays in different ways. But many converge in one thing - it's worth spending at least a few days at sea, aboard the yacht, to breathe in this intoxicating air of freedom and new impressions, and you will always remember the emotions and experiences you have received for this time. After that, the idea of buying a yacht does not seem so far away.

What you control only. 

To say that own yacht is an opportunity to move on water means to say nothing. This is another, parallel reality, getting into which you see everything differently. Even after descending into an underground pedestrian crossing, any person begins to perceive the surrounding world in a slightly different way. And after spending at least a few days on your ship, you begin to understand - what is real freedom, not limited by the place. Freedom of rest, freedom of travel. What you control only.

New facets of communication with loved ones.

Usual people are more accustomed to the earth and therefore, conquering other elements, a person is more often than not trying to force himself, but in this life. Someone chooses for themselves flights, and someone - more and more often thinks about buying their own yacht: visits sites for the sale of yachts, analyzes the prices of yachts, buys yacht magazines. The sea can be both afraid and love, admiring the experiences and seen. The relationship between people on board goes to a different level. Traveling family, there is always the opportunity to see each other in a new way. Resting with friends - you have a wonderful sense of community. The very realization of the opportunity to make a new journey with your family and friends adds to the blood a feeling of a tense outcome, incomparable emotions and a desire to be on board as soon as possible and already move to new shores and discoveries.

Where to look?

To buy a decent yacht on which you can not just go to the water, but make safe transitions on the high seas, regardless of whether the yacht is sailing or motor, the task is not as simple as it seems at first glance. A modern yacht is equipped with a huge amount of automatics and equipment that can not only simplify the management of it, but also make the journey comfortable. That is why it is very carefully to choose the place where you want to buy a yacht. The market offers a rather large selection of serial ships of various sizes, comfort levels, materials used in the manufacture and decoration of the interior. But is it worth to buy a serial ship, if it is possible at the same cost to get the uniqueness of appearance, the exclusivity of interior decoration and individual selection of equipment that is right for you? Designed and built in a single concept, taking into account all wishes and expectations, at a price equal to the serially produced vessels, the yacht will have the characteristics and options that are most needed for you, will make it easier to get only positive emotions, enjoy rest and travel.

What you should remember when choosing a yacht

There are three main rules when choosing a yacht. Regardless of the size and regardless of the place of use.


The yacht must be reliable

The yacht should be luxurious

The yacht should be like

Black Sea Yachts 

Individual design, individual interior design, individual selection of equipment. One of the features of our shipyard is that each yacht built by us is custom. European equipment, supervision of the construction of the Italian classification society RINA, years of experience and clear cost.If you wish to buy a yacht, we recommend that you read more about the proposed sailing and motor yacht projects and prices. Perhaps the boat you were thinking about is much closer.